Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards 2022


TADS Awards is the world’s first annual international awards for the Tokenized Assets and Digitized Securities (“TADS”) sectors. Nominations for TADS Awards 2022 can be submitted by the nominees directly or by a third-party nominator.

As a non-profit event, there is no cost for both nominators and nominees at any stage of the TADS Awards, and they are free to withdraw at any time. Information submitted during the application process will be kept confidential.

TADS Awards 2022 will select a total of fifteen winners from three award categories including “Best of Class TADS”, “Eco-System Excellence” and “NFT Innovations”, along with a special Rising Star Award for each category to encourage start-up companies and recognize innovative proof-of-concept projects in the TADS industries.

Key Dates

Key dates and deadlines for TADS Awards 2022

30 Aug

Nomination closes for “NFT Innovation” award category

23 Sept

Winner announcement for “NFT Innovation” awards

30 Sept

Nomination closes for “Best of Class TADS” & “Ecosystem Excellence” award category

Early Nov

Winner announcement for “Best of Class TADS” & “Ecosystem Excellent” awards

Winner’s Package

Winners for TADS Awards will entitled to below benefits –

Feature in award results
Authorized usage of TADS Awards icon *
Receive of electronic certificate **
Receive of trophy
Video interview **
Special package to market & promote project at GOIR *
Production of case studies on project or solution **