About TADS

What is TADS Awards?

1st Launch in 2020

World's 1st International Award (TADS sector)

Three Categories

Inaugurated in Hong Kong in 2020, TADS Awards, is the World’s first annual international awards for Tokenized Assets and Digital Securities (“TADS”) sector. It celebrates the TADS sector by recognizing and honouring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide.


TADS Awards include a total of 15 winners from 3 Award Categories including “BEST OF CLASS TADS”, “ECOSYSTEM EXCELLENCE” and “WEB3 INNOVATIONS“, along with a special “RISING STARS” Award for each category and “STUDENT AWARD” to encourage start-up companies and recognize innovative proof-of-concept projects in the TADS industries.

Goals & Visions

Non-profit Event

Nurture growth of Web3 industry

Establish standards for TADS sectors

Nominations for TADS Awards can be submitted by the nominees directly or by a third-party nominator. As a Non-profit event, there is no cost for both nominators and nominees at any stage of the TADS Awards, and they are free to withdraw at any time. Information submitted during the application process will be kept confidential.


Hosted annually, TADS Awards aims to Nurture the growth of Web3 industries by gathering leaders and experts from across the world’s financial technology and financial service sectors to Establish best practices and performance standards through recognizing and honoring individuals and businesses for their distinguished achievements and contributions in TADS sectors.

TADS Awards

3 Main Categories + Rising Stars & Student Awards


for issuers of different types of Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities
(5 Awards + Rising Stars)

Judging Criteria


The methods of economic analysis used, including but not limited to the payback period method, internal rate of return method, and net present value method.


The novelty of financial products which apply technology and creativity, and which utilize unique aspects of TADS to design a product that differs from the status quo.


The ability to manage risk on underlying investments in order to protect overall risk exposure of investors by issuers of such products. (TADS are essentially financial investment products.)


The use by issuers of technology to enhance internal governance, improve transparency and accuracy to financial products. (Blockchain technology is core to TADS products.)


The demonstration of compliance in relation to local and/or international securities laws and regulations of their respective jurisdiction is fundamental. (TADS are considered as securities in most jurisdictions.)


for service providers & vertical solution providers along the TADS value chain
(5 Awards + Rising Stars)

Judging Criteria


The idea / solution in relation to the project is inventive, smart and easily adapts to being a practical application for users.


The innovation has a material and sustained impact on the project as measured by directly or indirectly improving the competitive advantage of the underlying TADS and / or ability to improve the work process of the issuers.


The solution offers a practical way to effectively deal with some of the key challenges faced by issuers. The ability to deliver key value propositions and to bring results are vital.


The solution demonstrates the ability to enhance compliance with local and international regulations, in addition to specific client mandates.


The cost efficiency of the solution, taking into account the scalability, sustainability and long term profitability of the solution. Cost efficiency is at the core empowering these factors.


for technology companies & service operators from different key areas in Web3 space
(5 Awards + Rising Stars)

Judging Criteria


Users today are more discerning, more critical and look to projects that offer real added value. Creating value within the TADS framework is important.


The non-obvious synthesis of application ideas, technologies, expertise and domains to produce true innovation. Moving things forward is at the core of the philosophy of TADS.


Sustainability is important and to be sustainable, a project should have longer term viability, wide applicability and not become obsolete quickly.


How the projects apply technology creatively, utilizing the unique aspects of TADS, to create something new and original.


Protecting members, customers, stakeholders as well as ensuring compliance to existing and emerging regulations has taken on new urgency and is fundamental.


In a move to encourage young talent and innovation, the TADS Awards 2023 has also incorporated a “Student Awards” category in collaboration with HKUST Business School Fintechstic 2023.

With a focus on “Achieving Green SDGs in Hong Kong through Financial Innovations under Digital Asset Regulatory Regime,” this category aims to inspire the next generation of TADS leaders.

From 2023, the TADS Awards have reached another significant milestone by collaborating with Fintechstic, organized by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The champion team of the Fintechstic Student Competition will have the unique opportunity to join the TADS Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner alongside industry award recipients from around the world.

HKUST Fintechstic 2023 Competition

Criteria & Prize

Prize Giving Event

Winner's Package

Official Press Release

Prize Giving Ceremony

9 Rewards from TADS

In addition to be congratulated in the Official press release of Result announcement and Participation of prize giving ceremony, TADS Awards Winners will also be entitled to the following 9 Rewards from TADS:

TADS Awards Electronic Certificate & Badge

TADS Awards Trophy

Case studies Analysis Report by HK PolyU

Authorized usage of TADS Awards icon for Promotion

Marketing / promotional project at Future events

Special offer to list 1 Security Token Offering on CSpro platform

Brand Exposure on TADS Website

"Thank you" Video on TADS Website

2-page project / product introduction on TADS Website