Application Form: Part 1 – Basic Information

Application Form: Part 1
  • Introduction
  • Type of Awards
  • Nominator Information
  • Nominee Information
  • Executive Summary
Nominations for the TADS Awards can be via self-submission or submission by a third-party nominator. Information submitted during application process will be kept in confidential. There is no cost associated for any stage of the TADS Awards, and nominees can withdraw at any time.
Nominee – the principal applicant or contestant for this award (“”Project””)
Nominator – a third-party company who is nominating a Project as the Nominee “
Application (Comprising Part 1 and Part 2)
Part-1 : Basic Information
1. Either the Nominee (for self-submissions) or a Nominator will submit the Application Form online;
2. For Part 1 of the Application (this form here), only basic information of Nominee and Nominator are required;
3. The Nominator (if applicable) will receive a confirmation email for them to confirm the Application;
4. The Nominee will receive a confirmation email, with a special URL accessing a new form to continue Part-2 of the application process.
Part-2 : Project Detail
After completion of the four steps of Part-1 above, the Application will proceed to Part-2.)
In Part-2 of application, Project is required to fill in detailed information of Project and to provide supporting documentation of the Application.