Judging Criteria

TADS Awards have 3 Awards Categories, namely – “BEST OF CLASS TADS“, “ECOSYSTEM EXCELLENCE” and “WEB3 INNOVATIONS” Awards Categories. Each year, three judging committees will be formed from all the committee members according to the expertise and insights required for the 3 Awards Categories (“Judging Committee“).

Each member of the Judging Committee is bound by a strict confidentiality agreement and are required to declare any conflict of interest in relation to applications over which they deliberate and to stand aside from deliberations where there is a conflict.

The three Judging Committees will select winners from the three Awards Categories based on the below judging criteria of each awards category respectively :

1. the judging criteria of the respective Award Category;

2. information provided in the application form, and

3. any substantiating evidence uploaded or shared with the application.

Each member of the respective Judging Committee will score entries independently and then review scores collectively to make a final decision.